10G Hdmi Optical Cmp 50M Cbl
10G Hdmi Optical Cmp 50M Cbl

10G HDMI Optical Cmp 50M Cbl

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Liberty Hybrid Active Optical High Speed HDMI Cables Features: * HDMI "A" male to male connectivity * SSF (Stronger, Safer, Faster) Multimode Fiber cable * Standard HDMI ABS molded heads * Draws power from pin 18 of the source/display HDMI port * HDMI High Speed 10.2Gbps 4K@30Hz 3D all Audio formats * Does not support Ethernet or Audio Return * Lengths: 50, and 60 meters Applications: * HDMI extension better and cheaper than HDBT/LAN systems * Long distance cabling used with switches and DA's * Digital Signage applications