Ez2-Link Vga And Pc Audio Lead
Ez2-Link Vga And Pc Audio Lead

Ez2-Link VGA And Pc Audio Lead


Liberty Brand Modular Interconnection System Component Features: * Male Mini-Mass DIN 15 to VGA and 3.5 male * Full Stereo Audio * Threaded Coupling feature with locking ring * OD over Mold is .710" / 18mm * NEC CL2, CSA Type AWM I/II A/B FT4, RoHS Compliant * EZ-LINX Attachment is nominally 1/2 meter (20 inches) Applications: * Education and Boardroom VGA with audio applications * RGBHV Video and PC Stereo Audio * Certified for In-Wall use System Components: 35 foot lengths shown for examples Faceplate Runner, CMP Runner, PVC Runners connect direct to the Turret or directly to the lead cable. Umbilical CMP Umbilical PVC Flying Lead Umbilical cables connect direct to plate or adapter and are completed with the Flying Lead or a second plate.