Molded Vgam-5Bncm 3' Blk
Molded Vgam-5Bncm 3' Blk

Molded VGAm-5Bncm 3' Black

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Liberty brand molded pre-made cable assemblies: Features * Male DE15 (VGA) Plug to 5 BNC Plug (Mmale) Connectivity * 26 AWG Stranded mini-High Resolution Coaxial cables * 75 Ohm BNC Plugs * Durable heavy duty molding and strain relief NEC CL2, CSA Type AWM I/II A/B FT4, RoHS Compliant Applications: * RGBHV Video breakout to larger low loss coaxial cables * Installations where RGBHV has to go through conduit * Inter and Intra device Interconnection