Micro Edid Vga M-M Cbl 6'
Micro Edid Vga M-M Cbl 6'

Micro Edid VGA M-M Cbl

  • 12 ft.
  • 25 ft.
  • 3 ft.
  • 6 ft.

Liberty Brand Molded Cable Assemblies Features: * Micro-Sized Molding and Cable for small OD and flexibility * DE15 Male Plug to DE15 Male Plug Video Connectivity * Video and Sync on 32 AWG high resolution coaxial cables * ID Bit communications and EDID Pin 9 on 28 AWG cabling * Full 15-Pin VESA EDID and ID/DDC Compliance * Double Shielded foil and braid overall shield * Ferrite Beads for EMI Compliance * Thumbscrew for ease of installation and retention * UL AWM 20276, CSA Type AWM I/II A/B FT1, RoHS Compliant Applications: * RGBHV Video, VGA 640x480 up to WUXGA 1920x1200 * Tabletop RGBHV with for PC's/Laptops * Inter and Intra device interconnection