Displayport-Hdmi Cbl 15' Black
Displayport-Hdmi Cbl 15' Black

Displayport-HDMI Cbl Black

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  • 3 ft.
  • 6 ft.
  • 10 ft.
  • 15 ft.

Economy Brand DisplayPort to HDMI Cables Features: * 28 AWG Cabling * Supports Resolutions to 3840x2160 to 6.5 feet * Supports Resolutions to 2560x1600 to 15 feet * Cable supports all HDMI out of DP resolutions * Supports Audio and HDCP * AWM Rated Cable for device interconnection * Thumb activated locking latches on the DP plugs *Cannot be used HDMI to DP, can only be DP to HDMI Applications: * DisplayPort to HDMI Video/Audio adaption * Inter and Intra device interconnection

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