Adapter Hdmi D Plug To A Jack

Adapter HDMI D Plug To A Jack

Liberty AV Solutions

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Liberty HDMI "D" (M) to HDMI (F) Adapter Features: * HDMI "D" male to HDMI "A" Female adapter * Hard Adapter format not a cable * 4-way eyelet molded for security cable attachment * Component of Liberty's Patented Adapter Security System * Functions as a stand-alone adapter too! * 4K60 and 4K30 Video resolutions * Compliance: CE, WEEE, FCC, ROHS & REACH * Link Performance depends on cabling and junctions Applications: * Adaption of mobile content device to HDMI infrastructure * Adaption of DisplayPort devices to an HDMI infrastructure * Customization of the Digitalinx Adapter Ring series Components for this system, to build, repair or maintain Adapter Series: Mini C HDMI Micro D HDMI DisplayPort Mini-DP DVI-D 4K USB C 4K Mini-DisplayPort 4K DisplayPort Dongle Series: Mini C HDMI Micro D HDMI DisplayPort Mini DisplayPort DVI-D 4K USB C 4K Mini-DP 4K DisplayPort Accessories also available: Clamp w/hardware Tool Kit Apple USB C Apple Lightning **576 per box